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We are committed to face-to-face teaching

As a university, our plan is to deliver more face-to-face learning, not less. We want every student’s experience to have impact and value.

In fact, next year, no student will see a reduction in their time on campus. 

We know that smaller classes make a real difference. When COVID-19 took away these opportunities, students missed them. Returning to campus, our focus will be smaller classes and spaces that allow for personalised learning. 

Face-to-face learning will be offered across our courses. Currently, a typical first-year Bachelor of Science student can expect more than 220 on-campus class hours. That won’t change next year.  

In other areas, face-to-face learning will increase significantly. For a Bachelor of Arts student, the weekly experience will flip from two hours online and an hour on-campus, to one hour online and two hours on-campus. That’s close to 100 additional face-to-face hours over the year.   

We know that studying in smaller groups, whether a tutorial, seminar, lab or simulation, is highly effective. That’s why we’re placing them at the centre of our approach to learning. 

Studying in Tasmania offers more than a degree. It’s a chance to get outside, explore our island, and put learning into practice.   

As always, our commitment is to support a high-quality learning experience for our students. We want every student to feel engaged and supported, so they have the skills to thrive at home and beyond.

Published on: 19 Nov 2021 12:46pm