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Students showcase interpretations on health and wellbeing

Health literacy and what it means to young people has been showcased at Bowen Road Primary School.

The school hosted a health expo, as part of the HealthLit4Kids program, exhibiting students’ posters, displays and artefacts which reflect their interpretations on health and wellbeing.

As part of this year’s expo, the school invited local health and community organisations to share information on services. 

HealthLit4Kids is an education package designed for use in schools to raise awareness of health literacy and encourage discussions about health among teachers, children, families and communities. 

“Bowen Road Primary School is one of five primary schools across Tasmania participating in the program, which includes classroom learning activities and artefact development including posters and illustrations which illustrate their interpretations,” program coordinator and University of Tasmania Public Health lecturer Dr Rosie Nash said.

Dr Nash said a school-wide action plan was co-designed with staff in 2018 to implement HealthLit4Kids at the school, across the curriculum and broader school environment.

“Since the plan was developed, the school has continued to implement the program including developing a toolbox to help manage students’ reactions to COVID19 lockdown last year.

“This year, the school wanted to involve the broader community to help raise awareness of health and wellbeing. The school invited their local health and community organisations to attend their HealthLit4Kids expo to share information on their service.

“The expo also provided the opportunity for the students to exhibit their health literacy artefacts which showcases their understanding of the health and wellbeing.”

Tasmanian Minister for Education Sarah Courtney MP said programs such as HealthLit4Kids were extremely valuable. 

“The Tasmanian Liberal Government is committed to improving the health and wellbeing outcomes of all Tasmanians through its Healthy Tasmania Strategy.

“As Minister for Education I see the benefit of programs such as HealthLit4Kids in supporting all learners and their families. 

“The program helps them to know more about how they can be healthy and active and encourages them to take actions at school and at home using the learning.”

Published on: 27 Sep 2021 1:48pm