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Professor Barry Brook’s impact recognised

The University of Tasmania's Professor of Environmental Sustainability, Barry Brook, has been recognised as one of the most influential researchers in the world in his field of expertise.

Professor Brook was named on the Thomson Reuters list of Highly Cited Researchers 2015. The list uses the Essential Science Indicators data collection to find those researchers who have published the largest number of highly cited papers.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Brigid Heywood congratulated Professor Brook on the distinction.

"The University of Tasmania supports a range of high-impact, world-class  research and it is very pleasing to see one of our most talented scholars receiving this sort of recognition," Professor Heywood said.

Professor Brook is an ecologist interested in conservation biology and global change. His work brings together many different fields of research in the investigation of human impacts on biodiversity.

"In the past we've used natural resources to grow the human population and economy – we've exploited the land for forestry, agriculture and mining, and the oceans and air to dispose of our waste," Professor Brook said.

"My goal is to find ways that allow modern societies to co-exist with nature and not destroy it. I believe the majority of people want this."

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Published on: 08 Jan 2016 4:36pm