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IMAS researcher’s grant to help boost sustainability in coastal fisheries

An Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) and Centre for Marine Socioecology scientist is one of just eight recipients worldwide of a 2020 fellowship in marine conservation through the Pew Fellows Program in Marine Conservation.

Dr Asta Audzijonyte will receive a grant of $150,000 over three years from The Pew Charitable Trusts to address some of the most critical challenges facing the world’s oceans.

She will use global datasets to understand how warming oceans are affecting fish size diversity.

The size of a fish can determine how vulnerable it is to predators, how much energy and oxygen it requires, and how much and how often it can reproduce.

By gathering information on fish-size diversity, Dr Audzijonyte will be able to use the data to inform more sustainable management of coastal fisheries and ecosystems.

“I would like to improve our knowledge about fish-size diversity and its changes in the ocean,” Dr Audzijonyte said.

“It is also important to improve understanding in research, management and society about why restoring and maintaining size diversity is important for healthy oceans and consequently for humanity.”

Dr Audzijonyte joins Pew’s active community of 180 individuals from more than 39 countries.

Selected by an independent international committee composed of senior professionals in marine science and conservation, each fellow is recognised for their outstanding record of applying high-quality, evidence-based research to protect marine ecosystems and wildlife.

Further information about Dr Audzijonyte can be found at

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Published on: 26 Mar 2020 11:39am