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A virtual DOMAIN houses virtual art

During the COVID-19 lockdown, a virtual recreation of Domain House became a setting for exploration and inspiration for 30 University of Tasmania creative arts and media students working from home.

The resulting exhibition, DOMAIN, takes place within a virtual tour of Domain House – the original home of the University of Tasmania.

During Semester One, students in the unit Making the Event, coordinated by Dr Kathleen Williams, responded to the historical, material, social and educational legacies of Domain House and its surrounds.

"As the COVID-19 pandemic led to drastic changes to how we lead our lives, students had to turn to new ways to express their ideas from a different domain – their homes," Dr Williams said.

“We received 360-degree images of Domain House and used virtual tour software to recreate the building as it was at the beginning of COVID-19.

“Students created work separately, and then we curated it to fit around the corridors and rooms of the virtual Domain House.

“Some students interpreted the concept through dramatic and musical representations of the various eras experienced within the walls of Domain House, while others have evoked a parallel history for the site,” she said.

The public can explore the works online at their own pace from 6 pm today at The exhibition will run until Friday, July 3.

Image: 'Einsle' by Ville Karvonen 2020.

Published on: 19 Jun 2020 11:47am