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UTAS Business student planning for success

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UTAS Business student Whitley Bejah will start work in the new year as a financial planner with Launceston business Financialpartners with the added achievement of a Tasmania University Union Mount Nelson Award to her name.

The 22-year-old has spent the past month completing an informal internship with her father’s company compiling a new strategic plan for expansion and rebranding and she will continue to work there next year while she completes her PhD.

At a special ceremony last week Whitley received a certificate and $3000 as the Mount Nelson Award winner, and soon she will graduate with a Bachelor of Business, majoring in marketing and resource management.

The Mount Nelson Award, established by students for students, recognises not only academic and practical achievements by an individual but also their potential for success in their chosen field and the community at large.

From 1972 until 1980 the Tasmanian College of Advanced Education operated at the Mount Nelson Campus, Hobart, with its closure resulting in a board of trustees established to put to good use the remaining funds of the Student Association Council.

The Mount Nelson Award was created as an annual prize to full-time students studying at the newly established UTAS Newnham Campus with the new Student Association managing the application process.

In April 2008 the Student Association merged with its southern counterpart, the TUU, creating one state-wide body providing services for UTAS students.

Former Mount Nelson College student and Student Association member Stephen Nichols, who is one of four Hobart-based trustees, was proud to present Whitley with the Mount Nelson Award.

Mr Nicolls outlined the selection committee’s criteria of looking to identify a successful, well-rounded person who could make a major contribution to society in the future.

“Whitley had a very well submitted application which demonstrated all the qualities that we could have asked for,” he said.

“It showed that she was a hard worker, self-motivated, able to contribute extensively and passionately to the community and able to contribute to university life and fellow students.

“She also demonstrated leadership and the ability to achieve outstanding academic results.”

Among a long list of past achievements Whitley has been a volunteer at the Door of Hope Centre in the creative arts for the past five years, was a co-organiser of the Leave Your Coat at the Door charity event in May and worked on promotion of the Breath of Life Music Festival.

She has been involved in The Examiner Newspaper’s FUSE Magazine, the Red Cross Care programme and has been a member of the UTAS Marketing Society, the West Tamar Council’s Youth Advisory Council (2006-2009) and the Youth Network of Tasmania Tasmanian Youth Forum (2009-2010).

Having completed an REIT property consultant’s course in 2009 the high achiever has developed a desire to delve deeper into marketing and one day she aims to establish her own events and marketing business.

“I’ve had so much encouragement from the TUU and my lecturers to aim high and follow my dreams, and that includes entering in the Mount Nelson Awards,” she said.

“It’s great when people believe in you and these awards are great motivation for me and other students to try to get involved and make a difference in our university.”

For more information on the TUU Mount Nelson Award contact Zanez Zagoda, TUU Northern Services Manager on 6324 3777 or

Published on: 20 Nov 2012 2:48pm