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TIA hosts webinars during National Science Week

The Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) invites the community to join researchers for a discussion about agriculture as part of National Science Week.

“Our lunchtime webinars are a chance for everyone to spend their lunch hour with an agricultural scientist during National Science Week,” TIA Director Professor Holger Meinke said.

TIA is livestreaming lunchtime webinars to a global audience on Monday (13 August) and Wednesday (15 August), to highlight the central role that science plays in our agricultural sectors.

“An important but largely unseen component of agriculture is the research, development and extension that goes on behind the scenes to support prosperous and sustainable agriculture and food sectors,” Professor Meinke said.

“TIA’s dynamic research portfolio spans the breadth of Tasmania’s agriculture and food sectors, from irrigation and soil management, to precision technology, livestock industries and horticulture. These webinars will provide an opportunity to meet some of our researchers and find out more about the science supporting agriculture.”

During National Science Week, there will be two opportunities to watch fascinating presentations by engaging TIA researchers.

On Monday 13 August, join PhD candidate Janine Chang Fung Martel from 12-1pm as she discusses the implications of global warming and climate change for the dairy industry and animal welfare. Janine is investigating strategies to help farmers and their herds prepare for heatwaves and extreme weather events.

On Wednesday 15 August, join soil scientist Dr Marcus Hardie from 12-1pm as he explores where agriculture is heading, from the traditional science of the 'Green Revolution' to the technology-and-data-driven future of the 'Digital Revolution'. What do machine learning and Big Data mean for farmers and soil health?

These webinars will be available on the University of Tasmania’s Livestream website, and also live on TIA’s Facebook Page at

TIA is a joint venture between the Tasmanian Government and the University of Tasmania.

Webinar details:

Janine Chang Fung Martel – Cooling cows in a warming world

Date: Monday, 13 August

Time: from 12-1pm


Dr Marcus Hardie – The future of digital agriculture

Date: Wednesday, 15 August

Time: 12-1pm


Published on: 13 Aug 2018 11:48am