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Tackle global challenges with a career in agriculture

Professor Holger Meinke, Head of the University of Tasmania’s School of Land and Food, will present at a forum in Hobart today (Wednesday, 10 May 2017)about the opportunities for agriculture graduates to tackle some of the world’s most complex challenges.

Professor Meinke, along with agriculture researchers from the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, will present at the Crawford Fund forum on international agriculture at Government House.

“Agricultural graduates have the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to important global issues, including food security and environmental sustainability, while also enabling benefits for agriculture in Australia,” Professor Meinke said.

“We need highly skilled, innovative and passionate agriculture graduates to drive these global issues and it is pleasing to see some of our graduates are already doing this.”

Professor Meinke is a member of the Independent Science and Partnership Council. The Council is a standing panel of experts that provides independent advice to CGIAR, a global research partnership on science and research matters relating to agriculture.

He said collaborative international agricultural research benefitted Australia through increased knowledge of our researchers, new product technology and protection from pests and diseases.  

“In an effort to improve global food security, the University of Tasmania, together with our research partners in India, is involved in research to develop a variety of salt-tolerant rice. We expect that the same processes could subsequently be applied to other cereals. This is an example of international research that will also help improve production efficiencies for Australian farmers affected by transient salinity,” Professor Meinke said.

“There are immense opportunities for Australia to engage in collaborative international research and this presents an exciting career path for anyone considering studying agriculture at the University of Tasmania.”

Published on: 10 May 2017 9:40am