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Students put healthy skills into practice

RCS Year 10 Practical Workshop

Aspiring health professionals gained insight into what working in the sector is like, during a hands-on program presented by the University of Tasmania this week.

The Year 10 Practical Skills Workshops are facilitated annually by the University’s Rural Clinical School (RCS) in Burnie and Latrobe.

Several sessions allowed high school students considering a career in health to practise various skills used in a number of professions.

Students performed CPR during emergency scenarios, took blood from simulated patients and conducted eye examinations while gazing through ophthalmoscopes.

They also operated a defibrillator, learnt how to check blood pressure and used stethoscopes to hear patient heartbeats.  

A Sherlock Holmes-inspired activity challenged participants to piece together clues from x-rays and charts, in order to make a medical diagnosis.

Dr Lizzi Shires, Director of the RCS, said it was important to expose students to health skills during their high school education.

“The students are at a point in their schooling where they can begin laying the foundations for a future health career,” Dr Shires said.

“Our workshops allow them to practise health skills, and beyond that, learn about what steps they need to take in order to reach their health career goals.

“Students think like health professionals, work in teams, problem solve and gain insight into what working in the sector is really like during each session.

“We hope they feel inspired by these activities, and wish them all the very best as they further their studies to one day, practice a health profession.”

College representatives also attended the workshops, providing their younger peers with advice on how to transition to Year 11 effectively, stay focused and maximise their education experience.

Published on: 24 May 2018 11:19am