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Students gain invaluable insight into issues surrounding adult literacy

Media students recently gained an invaluable opportunity to learn first-hand the issues surrounding adult literacy in Tasmania through a new award program.

The inaugural 26TEN Media Award is designed to give students an insight into the impact adult literacy has on the lives of real people in the community.

The award is held in collaboration between 26TEN and the University’s Journalism, Media and Communications department and open to second and third-year news students.

The 2017 award was presented to Kasey Wilkins, who received a $500 gift voucher and trophy.

Finalists including students Erin Cooper, Chris Ham and Trent Arnold were also congratulated on their efforts, each receiving a $20 gift voucher.

As part of the award, students attended a mock press conference before writing a 300-word article which highlighted the work 26TEN does with the community to improve adult literacy and numeracy in Tasmania.

“This award is not only a great opportunity for students to reflect on real-world issues, but also highlights the importance of using skills they’re developing to give a voice to those who need it,” Dr Kathleen Williams, Head of Journalism, Media and Communications, said.

The students’ work was judged by a panel including Angela Ross (ABC journalist/newsreader), Liz Jack (Director, LINC Tasmania) and Claire Konkes (Lecturer in Journalism, Media and Communications).

Organisers are planning to host the award in 2018.

Published on: 25 Aug 2017 12:37pm