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SET lecturer travels to Japan for exchange program

A University of Tasmania lecturer is one of eight teachers from across Australia who will travel to Japan as part of an exchange program.

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology lecturer Reyne Pullen will spend eight days in Tokyo from 1 October, as part of Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA) Latitude Group Travel Science Teacher Exchange.

Reyne is one of eight teachers selected from primary and secondary schools nationally to attend the 2017 program.

The exchange offers an opportunity for teachers to observe Japanese primary and secondary science classes and lead classes of their own (with an interpreter) with Reyne conducting a forensic science investigation using chromatography (the separation of mixtures).

"Being an early-career teacher, an opportunity such as this is a unique, one-of-a-kind experience,” he said.

“I hope to use this experience to both further refine my ability to teach exciting science concepts, and to immerse myself in the rich culture Japan has to offer."

The teachers will also take part in forums to exchange ideas and practices and engage in discussions on science education with Japanese educators from a diverse range of schools.

As part of his exchange, Reyne will be documenting his experience on Twitter (@reynepullen, #astajapan), Instagram (reynepullen) and a blog (

Published on: 28 Sep 2017 10:14am