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Popular gardening unit returns

The Science of Gardening is back.

Following the success of the unit’s launch earlier this year, the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) is again offering the very popular Science of Gardening unit within the Diploma of General Studies.

Enrolments are now open for the next offering, which begins on June 26. The unit is fully online and HECs scholarships may be available for domestic students.

The unit helps avid green thumbs and would-be gardeners alike to build on their knowledge of gardening and plants through science.

It provides helpful insights into plant life and what it takes to grow a successful garden including:

  • Better understanding of the relationship between a plant’s internal structure and its use of water and light to grow
  • Greater knowledge of soil properties and chemistry which contribute to healthy plants
  • Learning about the crucial factors which determine when plants flower and set seed
  • Being able to manipulate plant growth to produce more flowers and fruit
  • Understanding how vegetative propagation is possible and desirable in many garden plants.

The first course drew participants from across Tasmania and interstate, prompting the Faculty to offer the unit again.

It is self-paced with flexible teaching and learning approaches.

For more information on the course visit

For enquiries email, or phone (03) 6226 6365.

Published on: 12 May 2017 9:24am