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North-West students test creativity and innovation in Tasmanian challenge

The Tasmanian heats of the 2018 Science and Engineering Challenge will continue in Burnie TODAY (Monday, 28 May).

The annual competition is a national outreach program, aimed at changing student perceptions towards both disciplines while fostering further engagement.

Year 9 and 10 students will be challenged to build a cost-effective bionic hand, power up a pretend city and design apartment towers that can withstand an earthquake. They will also create a catapult that can launch a tennis ball, make a model water turbine, code messages along optic fibre rods and develop transport networks that link towns.

In the bridge-breaking competition students test the strength and resilience of the bridges they have built of pasta as gold ingots are transported from one side to the other.  

This year, there will be approximately 250 students from 10 schools: Marist Regional College, Parklands High School, Latrobe High School, Ulverstone High School, Penguin District School, Devonport High School, Burnie High School, Smithton High School, Mountain Heights School and Reece High School.

Published on: 28 May 2018 10:20am