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The University of Tasmania hosted Australia’s leading retail expert and industry commentator, Associate Professor Gary Mortimer, on Friday, 25 August.

Following a busy day of student presentations and media commitments, the Queensland University of Technology staff member presented ‘Emerging Retail Trends: Time, Touch and Technology’ to a full house of local retailers, retail marketers, students and academics at the Henry Jones Art Hotel.

The event was organised by Dr Louise Grimmer, a retail researcher and lecturer in marketing in the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics.

“To have someone of Gary’s calibre here to talk to local retailers is very exciting. Gary’s knowledge of the retail landscape and the issues that are affecting the industry is incredible and we were thrilled that so many people attended this event,” Dr Grimmer said.

“Gary highlighted the fact that Gen Z shoppers are the customers of the future, and retailers need to start preparing to engage with this generational cohort because their shopping behaviour will be different from what we see with Millennials and Gen Y.

“Time, or more specifically, speed, is going to be the new currency for retailers. Customers are increasingly demanding very fast delivery times and we are witnessing a move away from traditional price wars in retailing.

“Retailers now need to try and address what we call the ‘last mile’ in the process of getting goods and services to their final destination – into the hands of consumers.”

The Tasmanian Retail Network was officially launched during the event. The network was created by Dr Grimmer to bring together local retailers and academics to share ideas and research findings, enable networking and run industry-relevant events.

Pictured launching the new network: from left, Associate Professor Gary Mortimer, Professor Melanie Bryant and local retailer Katinka Challen.

Published on: 28 Aug 2017 10:50am