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Visionary photographs inspire multi-sensory exhibition

Portraits of young Tasmanians who are blind or have severe low vision will be the focus of a photographic exhibition opening at Makers’ Workshop TOMORROW (Thursday, 8 November).

Presented by the University of Tasmania and Department of Education, How Do You See Me? features the work of photographer and teacher John Richardson.

The 28 images capture every-day candid moments of students from Tasmanian schools and early childhood services.  

Audio descriptions of each photograph are available on mp3 players, and are accompanied by tactile copies of selected photos and braille notes for guests.

“These elegant images are devoid of the restrictions we may imagine to be part of the students’ lives,” Arts and Public Programs Coordinator Joanna Gair said.

“As the viewer we feel that their experiences are the same as ours … or maybe even richer.”  

How Do You See Me? has previously been presented in Hobart and Launceston, and will be continuing at Makers’ Workshop until 25 November.

“Even when captured in a split second, the faces and gestures speak nothing of boundaries or limitations but express true strengths and vulnerabilities evident in all humanity,” exhibiting artist John Richardson said.

“Looking deeper, the photographs pose a question to the viewer – ‘how do you see us’.

“The images are about whole-hearted and unencumbered engagement with the world about. By looking at these individuals in their self-immersing contexts, we are offering viewers a chance to walk away with changed perspectives.”  

Image: detail from Untitled, 2017, by John Richardson.

Published on: 07 Nov 2018 11:28am