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Inspire, Collaborate, Act. TEDxLaunceston event coming up

Inspire, Collaborate, Act. TEDxLaunceston event coming up

Tasmania is getting its very own TED-style event, TEDxLaunceston, to be held on Friday 8th of November from 1.45 to 8pm at the UTAS Inveresk campus.

It promises thought-provoking and inspiring speakers from Tasmania and the mainland, with the theme: Inspire, Collaborate, Act.

Program highlights:

Ben Lambert

As a child, Ben received a diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome. Looking back as a young adult, he feels that the needs of high-functioning adolescents are neglected, as they tend to be grouped with younger and less well-functioning students or given no support at all. Ben believes in the transformative power of stories and art, and for a student work, created a hybrid comic and learning resource drawing on his own experiences to address this problem. This concept is currently being redeveloped as a multimedia project by Crucible Australia.

Denis Giasli - Sustainability (living simply)

We live in a society with an economic system focused on GDP growth that is no longer linked to increased levels of happiness and our lives are becoming increasingly shaped by technology and the marketing industry, our consumption is creating increased pressure on the Earth's natural systems and our urban lives have becomes increasingly detached from nature.

David Parsell - Tasmania - Creating a State of Change

What if we took Charles Darwin's theory of evolution and extended it to society and the economy? And more specifically, what if we apply it to Tasmania's society and economy?

Associate Professor Fred Gale - Unsustainable Credit

One of today's most important issues is the disconnect between consumer behaviour and its social and environmental impacts. Two features of this disconnect stand out: easy credit and poor information.

Richard Tubb - A New Social Currency

What if charitable giving was as fun as online gaming? Maybe more people would enjoy doing it? What if we took the aspects of online gaming that were enjoyable and developed a way to make charitable giving popular to the masses?

James Rigall - Regional Innovation

Regional areas don't need to be left behind - they can be as successful as the major innovation hubs, relative to their own local scale, but to do so, they need to do things a little differently.

Dr Kerry Howells - Can the practice of gratitude transform education?

An inner attitude of gratitude can generate greater consciousness of what we receive from others and our environment, and increase our motivation to want to give back.

Jon Yeo – The Ecosystem of Possibility

Jon is a bit of a productivity geek, often contemplating with how everything can work better. In business, information overload, late running projects or stressed workers are all areas that can be readily addressed with Systems Thinking. Jon consults, speaks and is on panels regarding the cross-over of business and technology including Melbourne's Ministerial Advisory Council, Telstra's Industry Analyst Summit, and the National Speakers Association national conference. As part of his contribution back to society Jon volunteers on the board of Melbourne's largest adult education provider in the eastern suburbs responsible for Board Education and Social Enterprise

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Published on: 25 Oct 2013 1:57pm