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Indigenous exchange program offers global field of studies

Five high-achieving Aboriginal students from the University of Tasmania will travel to Arizona next month to take part in a national exchange program.

Nia Whitney, Jay Bushby, Jamie Graham, Jake West and Claire Whiteway will join University staff members Taimeka Mazur and David Gough for the annual Indigenous Cultural and Educational Exchange program.

Students and staff will visit Northern Arizona University (NAU) and The University of Arizona (UA) to take part in classes, lectures, on country trips and cultural exchange activities.

The group will visit the Native American Research and Training Centre and the Native Nations Institute, as well as meet with Native American students, Elders and community members.

The University of Tasmania group will be joined by staff and students from the University of Melbourne for the trip.

Program participants, Nia and Jay, said they were both looking forward to the opportunity to meet new people and learn more about other Indigenous communities and cultures.

Now into its fourth year, the annual Indigenous Cultural and Educational Exchange program aims to support and encourage international Indigenous scholarly communities and networks, and expose students to the wider global field of Indigenous studies and scholarship.

As part of the exchange program, Native American students from NAU will travel to the University of Tasmania in June and July.

Picture caption: Participating in this year’s Indigenous Cultural and Educational Exchange program are (from left) Jay Bushby, Taimeka Mazur and Nia Whitney.

Published on: 29 Jan 2018 8:54am