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Important changes to library services

Wheel barrow filled with books

In November the UTAS Library is replacing its Library Management System and implementing new borrowing rules. There are some important changes to note and special conditions during the change-over period.

New borrowing limits - from late November some quantity and duration limits are being extended. This means low demand items can be borrowed for longer, as long as no one else requests them. For more details see the table of borrowing periods below, ask at the library or check the library home page.

New system functionality - The new Library Management System will improve workflows for Library staff and offers a number of improvements to borrower functionality, including;

  • You will be able to recall items out on loan
  • You will be able to choose to have the system track your borrowing history
  • In some cases, you will be able to renew your overdue loans

For more details on how the system is changing, ask at your nearest Library, or check the library home page.

Things to note during the change-over - The system change-over will take place during the second half of November. There may be some disruption to services during this time.

Borrower Categories Number of Items Old number of items Loan Periods Old loan periods
Undergraduate students 25 15 4 weeks (28 days) 14 days
Postgraduate course work students 50 25 12 weeks (84 days) 28 days
Staff and Higher Research degree students 50 50 12 weeks (84 days) 60 days
Special borrowers 25 15 4 weeks (28 days) 14 days

Published on: 15 Nov 2012 12:52pm