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Graduations open up a new horizon

The hard work of more than 2,000 graduates was recognised during the winter 2018 graduation ceremonies held in Hobart and Launceston.

The winter graduations were held in Hobart on Friday, 10 August and Saturday, 11 August.

University of Tasmania Vice-Chancellor Professor Rufus Black congratulated all students on reaching the milestone of graduation and encouraged them to take up the many opportunities the completion of their studies would bring.

“Our graduates have created a new horizon of opportunities for their own lives and career paths,” Professor Black said.

“They are well placed to make a difference to whatever society they choose to be part of and to make a positive impact on the lives of the people around them and the community in which they live.”

A total of 897 students were conferred in Hobart.  

Amongst this year's long list of outstanding graduates were;

*University of Tasmania demographer Dr Lisa Denny who developed an indicator for skill utilisation in the workforce, finding that three in five Australians were not working in jobs that matched their skills;

*Dr Krystal Woolley who developed new therapeutics for the treatment of genetic disorders and diabetes-induced blindness;

*Dr Jeremy Just who developed a new pressurised hot water extraction method for the isolation of organic molecules from plants, a key part of drug discovery.

*and Dr Amanda Patchett who investigated strategies for activation of the immune system in Tasmanian devils.

More than 60 Tasmania Police officers also graduated including Inspector Kate Chambers who attained her Honours in Police Studies in  line with her promotion to Inspector and  Senior Constable Timothy Stevens, who attained his  degree as part of the Sergeants’ Qualifying Program.

Close to 1,400 graduands will also celebrate their scholastic achievements in graduation ceremonies in Launceston on Saturday 18 August.

Published on: 13 Aug 2018 10:15am