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Dr Adele Wilson honoured with prestigious Winifred Curtis Award

Dr Adele Wilson was recently presented with the Winifred Curtis Memorial Medal for Excellence in Science Education by the Science Teachers’ Association of Tasmania, at the CONSTAT science teacher’s conference in Burnie.

The award is presented to those who have demonstrated excellence in science teaching, outreach and education.

Dr Wilson has been working to inform, inspire and engage students since 2003 delivering thousands of science shows and presentations in schools, halls and theatres across Australia and the UK.

She has also providied dozens of workshops for teachers, training for science communicators and coordinated groups of volunteers while administering a suite of science outreach and engagement programs and events for the University of Tasmania - in schools and the Tasmanian community - via the College of Sciences and Engineering.

This includes flagship activities such as the Young Tassie Scientists program which assists early career researchers with training and experience in science communication while providing high quality science demonstrations to classrooms and community groups across the state.

Dr Wilson was recognised through the award for her unique enthusiasm for science and willingness to share her passion with young people, leading science outreach programs that connect students to the many and varied aspects of science - from hands-on activities to interactive presentations, all of which foster the knowledge and the wonder of science in audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Dr Winifred Curtis was a Tasmanian author of the five volumes of The Student’s Flora of Tasmania (published 1956 -1994). Having migrated from the UK in 1939, Dr Curtis took up a position with the Department of Botany at the University of Tasmania in Hobart. This award honours her memory and commitment to science education.

The Winifred Curtis Memorial Medal for Excellence in Science Education for science educators is an initiative of the Science Teachers' Association of Tasmania and is sponsored by the College of Sciences and Engineering at the University of Tasmania.

Image caption: Dr Adele Curtis and Professor Margaret Noble.

Published on: 16 Apr 2018 1:26pm