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Dare to dream inside the University of Tasmania tent at Agfest

Agfest 2018

The University of Tasmania is returning to Agfest this week, raising the tent on 4th Avenue where it will house a mini-universe of hands-on opportunities.

Between 3-5 May, patrons will be invited to enter and explore all things exciting and educational.

From handling ancient rocks to virtual diving deep underwater, visitors will be immersed in the many and varied aspects of learning. They can also try their hand at operating the hydraulic control of an excavator, or navigate traffic at the helm of a sailboat on Sydney Harbour.

Plaster casting and exercise challenges will provide insight into areas of health, while patrons looking to rest and recharge can escape into a giant inflatable brain. Visitors can also get in touch with their creative side and contribute to a community artwork under the direction of Josh Foley, a local artist and graduate of the University of Tasmania.

Professor David Adams, University Pro Vice-Chancellor (Community, Partnerships and Regional Development), invited patrons to come along and engage with the institution.

“Whether it be participating in our activities for fun, or gathering information about further study, there will be many exciting opportunities within the University of Tasmania tent,” Professor Adams said.  

“Agfest allows the University to engage with cohorts of the community who may not have viewed further learning or higher education as part of their future.

“We would like our visitors to depart our tent feeling inspired about where an education with the University of Tasmania can take them.”

University of Tasmania Agfest highlights:

Journalism, Media and Communications

Strategic Communications and Public Relations students will be producing and publishing on-the-ground stories for Agfest’s website, and social media feeds. They will also support the University’s online coverage.

University College

Participate in aquaculture and agribusiness virtual reality activity, try a hand at the hydraulic control of an excavator to control the boom, bucket, arm and swing, or take a look at a fermentation food and drink display.

HitLab and ICT

With the help of modern technology, enter virtual worlds while testing a sense of what’s real and what isn’t.

WhySci hands-on science Visitors can handle rocks from millions of years ago while science hosts show how to transform a hair-dryer into a party trick.  

Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS)

Dive deep into Tasmanian waters and swim alongside local marine life with the help of underwater virtual reality technology.

Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre

Kick back inside the cosy and comfortable quarters of a giant inflatable brain while learning more about dementia and work being led by Wicking.


School of Medicine students will be conducting complimentary blood pressure checks to patrons while providing health and lifestyle advice.

Representatives from the University’s rural health club Rustica will introduce young visitors to anatomical model Gutsy Gus, invite them to spiral an apple and try their hand at plaster casting.

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia will help children get hands-on with health to make a hand cream they can give Mum on Mother’s Day

Patrons will be challenged to test their endurance and strength in Exercise Science and Exercise Physiology activities.

Published on: 03 May 2018 8:52am