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A universe of opportunities engage thousands at Agfest

More than 11,000 thousand visitors entered the University of Tasmania tent at Agfest this year (3 – 5 May).

The institution presented a fun and interactive program which attracted patrons of all ages.

Visitors experienced underwater virtual worlds, tested their sense of reality, witnessed the blast of an air cannon and contributed to a community art project.

In the neighbouring HealthStop tent, patrons tried their hand at plaster casting, had their blood pressure checked, made their own hand creams and tested their exercise science endurance levels.

TIA’s display at Agfest provided the community with an opportunity to explore the science behind Tasmania’s agriculture and food sector, and to meet the scientists.

Agfest attendees also gathered information about the University’s programs and courses while engaging with students, staff, and a number of other educational activities.

Leanne Arnott, Community Engagement & Development Coordinator (Community, Partnerships and Regional Development), said it was pleasing to see visitors to the institution’s tent increasing by more than 1,000.

“This year we found that many patrons came looking for the University’s tent, especially school groups whose activities had been designed around the elements of our site,” Ms Arnott said.

“Our tent was very engaging and offered something for all ages. In some cases, visitors were interacting with the University for the very first time.

“The University looks forward to continuing its partnership with the Rural Youth Organisation of Tasmania, with both organisations having very similar values.

“We are committed to developing skills and knowledge within the state, particularly in our regional and rural areas of which Rural Youth has significant reach.

“Attending Agfest is a significant investment from our Colleges, Institutes and departments.

“The Community, Partnerships and Regional Development Office is very appreciative of their support and thank them for their contribution of what has been another very successful Agfest for the University.”

Published on: 07 May 2018 1:01pm